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    Prestonsburg, Kentucky

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    About the trail system.


    Nestled deep within the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, the Sugarcamp Mountain Trail system is a multi-use (mountain biking, hiking, & horse) facility created through a joint effort by Jenny Wiley State Resort Park and the city of Prestonsburg. Sugarcamp includes roughly 6 miles of horse-friendly, machine-built trail which provides spectacular views of Dewey Lake and the surrounding area; as well as an additional 20 miles of hand-carved, technical singletrack dedicated to mountain biking & hiking. Trail difficulty varies (and is indicated at all trailheads), but at least an intermediate skillset is required to navigate all trails within the property.

    Sugarcamp Mountain Trailhead

    The Sugarcamp Mountain Trailhead is located along Sugarcamp Mountain Road (formerly Meff Road and may still be marked as such on maps), near Stonecrest Golf Course and provides access to the upper reaches of the trail system without the long ascent associated with the Arrowhead Point Trailhead. Sugarcamp Mountaint Road is located along KY Route 3024, which is accessible from both Prestonsburg and the Jenny Wiley State Resort Park. This trailhead provides several connection options, which include either a clockwise or counter clockwise route on the multi-use trail, or a unique singletrack connection with the Escalator Trail.

    Arrowhead Point Trailhead

    The Arrowhead Point Trailhead is located along KY Route 302 (Lake Road), approximately 1 mile from the Jenny Wiley State Park campground entrance. This trailhead provides access to any of the singletrack trails via the multi-use trail, although some ascent is necessary when heading either direction. If climbing isn’t your cup of tea, it is highly recommended to do the 5 minute shuttle to Sugarcamp Mountain Road and access the trails from the Sugarcamp Mountain Trailhead. Shuttle service will soon be provided by the State Park, information will be provided when that service becomes available.

    Individual Trail Breakdown

    For a detailed description and interactive map of every trail on the system, visit the trail page at MTBProject.com.

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  • Videos


    Recommended Climbing Route

    We get asked a lot about climbing routes for the trail and this is one we tend to use a lot so we put together a short video guide.

    No Ripcord

    New downhill route for the 2021 season.

    Wampus Cat and B-Line Downhill Run

    Unedited POV run of Wompus Cat and B-Line to the campground

    2019 Update

    Video showcasing the newest additions to the trail system including B-Line and Playground features now located at the Sugarcamp Mountain Trailhead.


    A fun little edit of some random clips around the trail system.

    2015 Edit

    An older edit of some of the trails. A lot has changed since this video was made.

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  • Directions

    Sugarcamp Mountain Trailhead (Meff Rd. has recently been changed to Sugarcamp Mountain Rd. This change has not yet been reflected on Google Maps)

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